09 Jun 2017

Five signs that you should call a Stevenson Plumbing immediately.
1. If You Start to Smell Something Obscene: The smell could come from hidden water leaks that are causing mold. Or coming from a clogged drain, which can build up residue and cause a horrible smell throughout your home.

2. If Your Faucet Won’t Stop Dripping:
Don’t wait to get your sink or shower fixed if it is dripping water! Not only will it increase your water bill but it is also extremely wasteful. A leak also is a sign of a plumbing problem that you cannot see. It is usually a quick fix so call your plumber as soon as it starts happening!

3. You Have No Hot Water:
This happens after the hot water has been on for an extended time. But if it is happening at random times then there could be an issue. It’s not okay if it takes a few hours for the water to heat up, if this continues to happen it might be time to call a plumber.
Your water heater might just not be big enough, or a pilot light, a plumber will help you figure out a solution. If your water heater is sweating, that means there is a leak. This would require repairing or replacing your water heater.

4. If You Have No Water:
This is a sign for a disaster! If you are not getting anything more than a drip call your plumber immediately. Either your water was turned off or your water is going somewhere else, which could cause problems with the foundation of your house or be damaging your home!

5. A Plunger Won’t Unclog Your Toilet:
Don’t keep plunging if it nothing comes up after a couple tries, call a plumber. The problem could be coming from your sewage line which is a problem that would need to be addressed immediately.
If you are in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area call Stevenson Plumbing for all your immediate plumbing needs. We offer 24-hour emergency support – call 918-943-3200

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